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1. Product Advisory for civilian & military applications, infrastructures and materials. 2. Project Management for aerospace infrastructure design and set-up. For Product Advisory, all payment will be direct to the recommended principal advised by JAe.
1. We are a truly independent and anti-biased consultant. 2. We do not have obligations to any aerospace principal. 3. We are highly competent with experienced local and outsourced staff. Because of this, our clients are guaranteed the best products for their budget and needs.
We do not charge any front-end or additional fees for ‘Aerospace Product Advisory’ but direct payment fees are charged only for ‘Project Management & Design’ services rendered by JAe & Partners.
You may visit us or invite us to meet at your premises for an initial evaluation of ourselves and your needs. Then if terms are agreeable, we will sign an agreement to act as your consultant for Aerospace Product Advisory and/or Project Management & Design
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